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Noajwan Baithak (NB) is an initiative of YEF (Youth Engagement Fellowship). We are now more connected than ever and can reach out to millions of people with the tap of a button, unlike in the past. Can we not use this in our favor? How can we use this wide, ever-expanding network to bring today’s youth to join meaningful yet fun discussions and debates? The answer is Noajwan Baithak.

NB is a casual meetup arranged on weekends. Young people from diverse backgrounds and leaders of social organizations and startups come together to participate in engaging discussions and debate session- snacks and fun included. With each member bringing his or her own insight to the discussions based on their personal experiences, you will also witness the following values: Respect, Empathy, and Humility- as depicted by the honorable NB attendees. At NB, we discuss a diverse range of topics, from the problems and issues faced by today’s youth to topics related to the lives of students and professionals. It is also an excellent opportunity for networking, making new friends, and connecting with like-minded individuals. And the best part? It’s totally free.
Are you excited to be a part of this initiative and revolutionize our society? If yes, then you are invited. We welcome your innovative ideas and will be happy to have you on board 🙂

Feel free to contact us for further details 🙂

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