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What is YEF? ~ Joham Chaudhary

Youth Engagement Fellowship is the new buzz of the town. This 6-week fellowship program helps you seek guidance and exposure in Communication skills, Management, Leadership skills, Entrepreneurship, Scholarship hunting, SOP writing, ideation and design thinking. It covers it all and is jam-packed with inspiration, guidance and mentors for all the young fellows out there.

Would you like to take some serious steps in a business or have you ever dreamed of starting your own personal business? do you wish to have the confidence to present yourself effectively and flawlessly in national and international seminars or are you a  student aiming to acquire a scholarship for higher studies and all you need is guidance? If “YES”, then YEF is the way to go. Now let me explain how YEF achieves this and what impact it has made on the lives of students who have been a part of it.


YEF launched its first cohort on 3rd august and is proud of the difference it has made on the presentation and communication skills of its fellows; so much so that most of the students have been hired as counselling and career advisers. Moreover, it has also helped a lot of students with conducting themselves well in interviews and be able to present better version of themselves.


Everyone wants to lead at least once in their lives, one way or another, take the rods less traveled, or pave new paths entirely. If this is you, then YEF is the comprehensive answer that you’ve been looking for. Here, students are able to meet different speakers who represent themselves as leaders in their paths in life and positively impact the society, and thereby inspiring you to be yourself and believe in your capabilities. So if you have a vision and are finding it difficult to choose the right way to map it out, then without further ado head straight towards this amazing platform and choose your mentors.


There is nothing that this platform is missing. Nobody in the market will teach you the right entrepreneurship skills in a 6-week program, but YEF does. And not only this, but numerous social entrepreneurs, CEO’s and industry big names will also guide you with life-saving business tips and tricks. This platform also provides students the opportunity to start their own businesses with exceptional results and high profits, as is evident by the collective 2 lacs earned by the 20 students of COHORT 1 in just 1 week via their short business ventures. All of this was possible under the careful guidance of YES that allowed ordinary university students to perform on par with seasoned businessmen.


SOP (Statement of Purpose) writing is the art of effective storytelling and constitutes a major portion of the scholarship selection process.  Many students out there are interested in foreign scholarships but don’t exactly know how to prepare the required documents and present themselves competitively to stand out in the crowd. Fortunately for them, YEF has been taking care of it by arranging LUMS, SUSI, Fulbright and Erasmus mundus scholars via their experienced panel who help can guide you in the best way possible during your scholarship hunt. This platform also recognizes the increasing interest of students in scholarship hunting and is now arranging monthly workshops to help and guide the students in applying to any 1 of the scholarships available in that month. It is these measures that make you believe in the positivity that this platform holds.


Action speaks louder than words”, and YEF totally believes that. It makes students recognize that a simple act of kindness is not unworthy and how we, as members of the society can make a difference by raising awareness through plantation activities, organizing lunches in orphanages and sharing small moments of our happiness like Eid and Independence Day with the folks in old age homes and permanent care institutions. True happiness is making others happy. Only this understanding will make you accountable of your responsibilities as an efficient, contributing member of society. There is much to learn from the life of those people to whom fate has dealt a bad hand, and YEF helps you to realize that brilliantly.

This program will encourage you to be more expressive, more confident and much more empathetic; skills that are integral to future success and strong mind building in the course of one’s life. And finally, remember this, ‘today you have to do what others don’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t’.

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