A Realization ~ Tahreem Butt

It’s totally normal for us to hear that life is not a bed of roses. Life is like a question paper where everyone fills the answer sheet according to his/her respective experiences. Sometimes we can relate to them but sometimes we just deny the facts by saying this is not my business. Now a day’s people say that’s not my cup of tea. I know this one has many political meanings. Have you ever wondered why we can’t relate to everyone’s story? No, you have never questioned yourself. Because it need some inner grit. It’s not necessary that you should always embrace empathy but you can aim closer to it.

In our everyday lives we are never satisfied. We never realize in our greed of power that what we are losing or what we are gaining. We are always ungrateful. We always think that if we become satisfied we will become stagnant and we’ll never shoot for something bigger. Maybe I was the same but a round to orphanage in the fourth week of “Youth engagement program” has changed my idea of satisfaction. I had witnessed there that life is a circle which can only be filled by love, warmth and peace that can neither be bought nor be earned by riches or wealth but can only be shared and spread through happiness, respect and by our near and dear ones.

If I look at myself now I found myself privileged to have parents. I found myself contented to have a family. I found myself happier to have people who love me unconditionally, who love me, who care about me and who have helped me in drawing line between what is wrong and what is right in the form of one unit by playing the pivotal role of parents. Now, whenever I count my blessings I count them twice. I can’t thank Almighty Allah enough for bestowing me with such strong supporting pillars. Catherine Pulsipher has summarized my feelings beautifully:

Sometimes we don’t realize the blessings we have until we no longer have them. Appreciate all the blessings in your life, take none for granted.”